What is Instagram Advertising?

Since many businesses have limited resources, they cannot launch their own high-performing Instagram campaigns. This is why Instagram Advertising Services Australia are here to help.

They are an Instagram ads agency Australia that keeps up with industry changes, algorithm changes, and best practices. This will help you drive your business forward and get the best possible results. They can help you focus on different stages of your buyer’s journey, from awareness to conversion with your key target audience. All while keeping within your budget.

With over 1 billion active users on Instagram each month and 500 million active users each day, the agency can use Instagram’s extensive user base to target the exact audiences you’re looking for. Their digital advertising efforts can be tailored to fit the exact people they want to reach by determining factors like location, interests, demographics, behaviors, and more.

Choosing your Instagram ad objectives:

Your Instagram campaign needs to be defined clearly before you begin so that you know the long-term and short-term objectives.

Following is a list of three common Instagram marketing objectives to ensure your campaign is successful in Ads Manager.

1. Awareness

Social media is used by many businesses to increase brand awareness and reach new customers. Instagram allows you to choose your brand awareness goals and reach the objectives that will allow you achieve awareness-oriented goals.

These objectives all have the same goal — to create more buzz about your brand — but they use different approaches.

What makes them different? Let’s take a look at the differences between them:

  • The reach objective is used to influence and reach the largest number of people in your target audience.
  • Brand awareness tactics focus on promoting content and advertisements that will reach the individuals who are likely to form an interest in your business at large, including the content you produce and the goods and services you sell.

2. Take into account

Your social media followers shouldn’t be able to scroll through your posts and advertisements on their feeds. You want to grab their attention and inspire them to explore your brand. Here is where you need to be careful.

This objective is about getting your followers to take action — watch your videos, interact with your content. Here are some primary goals that you might like to reach:

  • Traffic: Your primary goal could be to increase traffic to your page.
  • Video views: This objective focuses on marketing to increase video views.
  • Post engagement: This goal encourages engagement, such as comments or likes on your post to interact and engage with your audience.

3. Conversion

Instagram is a powerful platform for increasing sales and revenue. This category is focused on helping people convert from existing clients to potential clients.

Conversion campaigns include:

  • Website conversions: Get conversions from warm audiences, people who know your business well. You can convert to request a quote or register for an event.
  • Catalog sales: Facebook makes it easy to optimize your e-commerce store for sales by allowing you to upload a catalog of your products.
  • Visits to stores: Instagram ads can be used to drive foot traffic to multiple locations in your business.

4. Advertising formats for Instagram

They will help you choose the right ad format to use for your Instagram marketing campaign. You can market on Instagram with a wide range of advertising options, all designed to help you achieve your social media goals. Instagram offers a variety of ad formats.


  • Include a picture and a snippet of copy often.
  • This is a great way to increase brand awareness and share visuals with your customers.


  • A short clip to promote your brand, product, or service.
  • Include a link to your website, a call to action, or other information that will motivate your clients to invest.


  • It focuses on multiple photos that can be scrolled through simultaneously in one post.
  • Ideal for combining multiple photos in one post.


  • You can be found in one of the fastest-growing areas for Instagram users.
  • Vertical photos and videos capture the attention of your audience.

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