American Express Card How does it work? Review

American Express Review – There’s a world of never-before-seen opportunities, and the further you push the more you need someone by your side to support you when you travel, make you feel safe while you shop, even online, and transform your points into discounts and holidays: anytime that counts, American Express is always on your side.

Request a green card on American express and find out how to get a € 100 discount voucher, the first year the fee is free.

This is the text of the American Express commercial, if you want to know more keep reading this complete guide on American Express.

American Express card What is it?

Shortened to Amex or Amexco, American Express is a financial and travel services company headquartered in New York.

It is considered by some to be the best elite payment circuit and, unlike other credit cards of other circuits, it has no monthly spending limits (for this reason not everyone can obtain the American Express Card), but let’s proceed with the order.

American Express Online Promotions

In this section you will always find the latest American Express promotions available:

  • Carta Blu: Cashback on your purchases: with Blu American Express you get 1% re-credit on your expenses every year and the fee is free for the first year (€ 35 from the second year)
  • Gold Card: Until 9/12 you can take advantage of the Amazon offer that allows you to get a € 250 discount on your purchases with the American Express Gold card on and Amazon Prime included for one year. You will also receive 3 Membership Rewards® points for every euro spent on Amazon

American Express Credit Card

Now available in different variants, the American Express Credit Card is certainly one of the most interesting credit cards in terms of security and attention to its customers.

American Express loyalty programs are very popular, as well as numerous commercial agreements (more on the Membership Rewards program later in this article Amex’s ).

American Express can meet the needs of various types of customers by offering cards designed for different uses.

There are 15 different types of Credit Cards issued by American Express which are part of three different categories/types of products.

  • The credit card in balance
  • Revolving Option Credit Cards
  • Business Credit Cards

Each type of card has a different ceiling, registration fee, and loyalty incentives.

American Express Green Card

It is certainly the most famous and most widespread paper: it is the product that responds to limited spending needs but also allows you to make rather important purchases.

Promo Online American Express Green Card: for those who make the request online (you can make your request by clicking on the buttons in this article), a promotion is active which includes:

  • € 100 Discount Voucher to spend wherever you want
  • A fee equal to € 0 in the first year (€ 6.50 per month from the second year)
  • Free automatic membership in the Membership Rewards loyalty program
  • Points earned by spending with American Express will turn into rewards, travel, and discounts
  • Ability to access the American Express Experience presales for the early purchase of concert tickets

ATTENTION – The promotion expired in March 2021. We will update this section with the new American Express Green Card Promotions as soon as new ones are launched.

Meanwhile, if you want, you can also discover the American Express Gold Card!

American Express Gold Card

It is a balance credit card which, unlike a green card, offers:

  • In Promo Online 200 € discount voucher
  • Free in the 1st year, € 14 per month from the second year
  • Free subscription to the Priority Pass Program which grants access to 1000 airport VIP lounges worldwide
  • Possibility to take advantage of 2 × 1 tickets for selected cinemas, concerts, and shows
  • Insurance coverage is included in the annual fee to be protected against travel unforeseen events
  • World Travel Assist: immediate assistance 24 hours a day with information and advice before and after departure, money advances, and transmission of urgent messages.

American Express Card Fee Costs

Many think that American Express has high costs, in reality, it is not.

One of the most frequent searches is American Express Cost.

Let’s see together what are the costs of the various types of personal credit cards issued by American Express:

  • Green Card: As we have seen, the first year is free, from the second year there is a monthly fee of € 6.50
  • The famous Gold Card: Free for the first year, from the second year the monthly fee will be € 14.00
  • Blue Card: Free for the first year, from the second year the monthly fee will be € 35.00
  • The Alitalia Verde Card: Free for the first year, from the second year the annual fee is € 95.00
  • Alitalia Gold Card: Free for the first year, from the second year the monthly fee will be € 16.00. The main advantages of this card are up to 10,000 bonus miles and 3,000 welcome miles (additional 7,000 miles on the first card purchase within three months of issuing the card), access to the Ulisse Club, award ticket for companion, protection, and safety for travel and purchases, check-in at business class desks.
  • The Payback Card: Annual fee always free
  • The Explora Card: This allows you to choose whether to reimburse purchases in full or in installments and to create a credit line with a ceiling of up to € 5,000. It costs zero for the first year and € 35.00 for subsequent years.

American Express Is it worth it?

I have been an American Express owner for more than 10 years and I find American Express affordable.

Beyond the annual fee (which is distributed monthly) there are no hidden costs and you can accumulate the famous membership rewards points that allow you to access rewards, coupons, or to obtain discounts on expenses (paying through the functioning shop with points).

The cost of American Express practically pays for itself with use, and the card is now accepted by most stores and eCommerce (once upon a time not everyone accepted payments with American Express).

In fact, according to what can be read on the internet, the three most interesting and/or most convenient cards are:

  • Alitalia Gold Card
  • American Express Payback Card
  • Green Card

American Express Requirements

What are the requirements to apply for an American Express card? They are all well illustrated on the official website.

Applying for the American Express Online Card is quick and easy: the request requires a few steps and thanks to the digital signature function you will not need to print anything, you simply have to send photos of your documents that you can also do with your smartphone.

The requirements to apply for the card are:

  • Having a current account in Italy and therefore having banking information at hand (IBAN, Name of the Bank, Year of opening the account)
  • Valid identity document
  • Tax code or health card
  • Being of age
  • Have a bank or postal current account in Italy
  • Have a gross annual income of at least € 11,000 (American Express may require proof of indicated income)

American Express services

American Express customers are very familiar with some of the services available to Amex cardholders:

  • Membership Rewards®: Each euro spent corresponds to a Membership Rewards® point that can be used to purchase Apple products, gift cards (including Amazon, Ikea, Zara vouchers), and much more
  • Safe Shopping: thanks to the anti-fraud protection you will always be protected in case of illegal use of the card by third parties and you will be able to receive a replacement card free of charge in case of theft, loss, or damage. You will also have protection for 90 days up to € 1300.00 for purchases made by card (except some product categories) and then thanks to the Express Cash service you can withdraw with a card from 500,000 ATMs worldwide
  • Travel protection: by paying with an American Express card you will have protection in the event of delayed baggage delivery, flight delay or cancellation, and immediate 24/24 assistance for emergency medical or legal advice abroad
  • Amex IT App: This allows you to monitor your Card Account, check expenses, points balance, and much more. With the Qui American Express App, you can find out about the shops that accept the card
  • Apple Pay and Contactless: Perfectly integrated with Apple Pay and with Contactless devices, you can make purchases quickly directly with your iPhone by adding your American eXpress card to your Wallet, or bringing the Contactless card to the POS and pay quickly.

Membership Rewards American Express How does it work?

Membership Rewards® is the American Express Loyalty Program which is joined by numerous partners that allow you to access a wide selection of rewards that you can request using the points accumulated with purchases made with an American Express Card.

To access the program you simply have to register and then for each euro spent you can accumulate a point.

Depending on the initiatives organized, it is also possible to accumulate more points using the card with some selected partners.

With the accumulated points you can:

  • Choose rewards from selected partners who join the Membership Rewards Program
  • Request products within the Media World online offer
  • Choose the trip of your dreams and book on the dedicated website
  • Transfer points to airline loyalty programs you already use so you can get reward tickets for free
  • Transfer points to loyalty programs of prestigious partner hotels
  • Make charitable donations to numerous humanitarian organizations

American Express card Disadvantages

Is that convenient? This “has no drawback” card?

The correct answer is it depends. If we want to find negative sides to this credit card we could certainly say that there are some commercial establishments (especially in Italy) where it can happen to be told that American Express card is not accepted.

In reality, it is not the fault of American Express, how much more of the commercial establishments.

Another “disadvantage”, if it can be defined as such, is that relating to costs, that is the commissions for withdrawing cash from ATMs: these amount to approximately 3.9%.

As you can see, in reality, there are no real disadvantages, in my opinion, there are none!

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