How to Customize Your Android 12 Smartphone

If you’re among the people who embraced the first couple of beta versions of Android 12 at this point, you’ve either found yourself loving or hateful of Material You on Google’s latest mobile OS. Material You is the most notable feature of Android 12 as it not just lets you alter themes for your wallpaper but also allows you to customize Android by altering the colors of UI elements as well as the settings for your system.

In Android 12 Beta you have the full power to control the way Material You is applied to you Android device.

What do you have the ability to personalize to make it more Material You?

Android 12 has been in beta testing for some months now . Perhaps the most significant changes that are in the upcoming version of Android’s mobile operating system are the introduction of a new “Wallpaper and style interface that allows you to customize the themes you want to use based on your wallpaper. In the early versions it did not appear to be Android itself that selected the wallpaper’s colors and then applied them to various elements of the system.

The brand new and customizable Material You option is available in Android 12 which is currently in beta version 4.1. Check out the p45 pro price in Nigeria. If you’ve already registered your device to the Android 12 Beta program, then it’s time to upgrade it by going to Settings > System > System Update and then clicking “Check for updates”.

After you’ve updated your device to Android 12 Beta, you’ll have to apply wallpaper with lots of colors. To do this, simply press and hold on an empty space of your Home Screen and then select the “Wallpaper & style’ option in the menu overflow that is displayed.

In the ‘Wallpaper and Style’ screen, tap “Change wallpaper”.

Choose the wallpaper with various shades by selecting one of My photos or from the various categories listed at the top of the page.

Then, select ‘Home screen as well as Lock screen’ from the “Set wallpaper on” dialog that displays in the display.

The new wallpaper will be incorporated into your device. It is now possible to apply dynamic themes to Your Material You by following the steps in the following section below.

How to Pick the right Wallpaper colour (theme) for the Material You

You can also select different options in the ‘Wallpaper colors’ menu to personalize your Material You theme according to your preferences. If you do this you will notice that the hues of the UI elements as well as the background change based on the color palette you select.

It is possible to be able to see that the color palette includes a variety of shades. Based on our tests, we came to these conclusions:

The top half of the palette circle is used for the color of highlight marking tabs, tiles for quick setting or themed icons.

The lower right-hand corner is the background color of the Settings app and for other System UI elements such as Notification shade.

Lower left part: Haven’t decided where this color will apply to.

The tick mark color appears when you choose the color palette. The tone of this color is used to toggles within the Settings app as well as volume sliders.

You can choose the color scheme that you prefer from the “Wallpaper colors” simply clicking on the color you want to select.

If you prefer to stick with Android’s default theme, click on the tab ‘Basic colors’ just next to the ‘Wallpaper colors’ tab and select any of four standard colors available. And check the Samsung note 10 lite price in Nigeria. Android 12 currently offers only Blue, Green, Purple and Brown as the primary colors.

Does Material You theming work with Live Wallpapers?

Before the release of the beta 4 on Android 12.3, Material You was the only app that allowed you to take colors from static wallpaper. If users choose to use a Live wallpaper Android chooses its Blue color palette in the section ‘Basic colors’ and allows users to choose any of the other three colors: Green, Purple, Brown.

In Android 12 Beta 4, Pixel’s Wallpaper and style app has been capable of extracting the colors of live wallpapers and then applying them to your phone.

When you’re using a Live wallpaper, the application will choose a theme it believes will be the best fit for your preferences, however you could choose from other options in the “Wallpaper colors” section.

The variety of choices you have under the “Wallpaper color’ tab is, based upon your Live wallpaper you select.

Enable app Themed Icons on Android 12 smartphone

The changes made in Material You have also brought the ability to apply theme-friendly icons on Android 12. You can now choose the color of the palette of ‘Wallpaper colors’ as your primary theme for icons in apps. When you use theme icons only the icons that appear on your Home Screen are themed, and they will not appear in your app drawer. The drawer for apps will continue showing apps with the default icon

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