Sports Marketing Agencies & Sports Marketing: Importance, Uniqueness and Business Development

Sports marketing basically is the subdivision of marketing that concentrates both on sports events and team promotion and promotion of various goods and services via sporting events and teams. Sports marketing is one of those divisions evolving in the marketing field that concentrates on sports business and the use of sports as a marketing tool. The sports marketing agencies provide a huge variety of employment linked opportunities, which include positions with corporations, universities, media outlets, retailers, sporting equipment manufacturers & public relations agencies.

Sports Marketing Uniqueness

* There is no other industry that whips up the same love and devotion from their brand followers as in sports.

* Emotion and passion for team or sports linked products is what finds a distinction or point of difference in sports marketing making the sports marketing agencies stand out.  

* Sports fans are always opinionated and vocal. Sports rivalries feed emotion and passion.

* They are not profit-orientated.

* Self-identification and personal involvement of fans & extensive media coverage.

* Customers convey their personality and values to the rest via their choice of specific product/team and their distinguishing attributes & brand personality.

* Demand can vary drastically.

* Conventional pricing methods just do not apply.

How sports assists brands to grow? (Most crucial question from a brand point of view)

A brand/sponsor enjoys a wide range of advantages from their association with sports in the following listed ways:

·       Enhances product visibility

·       Helps raise brand awareness as well as create preference

·       Creates positive PR (public relation) and raise great about the organization

·       Provides attractive content for a good range of goods and services

·       Builds brand positioning via associative imagery

·       Supports sales promotion campaign

·       Creates internal emotional commitment to brands

·       Acts as corporate hospitality that allows promoting long term relations with clients

·       Helps earn high ROI (return on investment)

·       Organization avail competitive benefit by their USPs: Crucial things that just they offer, and which make them completely distinct from their competition

·       Enhances their coverage to a larger audience group

·       Assists them to get renowned celebrities for endorsing their brand

·       Builds long term association with better and bigger brands (the team sponsors combine with the official sponsors)

·       Gets the brand in all modes of advertising such as radio, television, press and others.

·       Helps in social welfare

·       Connects with all the age groups

Before sponsoring the activity, the sponsor should be sure that the organization or event will be 100% successful, has a good track record, excellent prospects and usually is aligned with the sponsor’s brand as well as business objectives. Sports sponsorship is one of the most common as well as from international to local levels.

Major tips regarding effective sports brand sponsorship:

The major golden rule in any sponsorship deal or sales is a consultant that tries and adds in the required value and most importantly gives value to the brand

Time: Time plays an important role in ensuring your investment is endowing you with the desired results. Months when you plan sports linked investment decisions are crucial. The festive seasons and in what quarter of the financial year you plan on making the investment is important.

Passion and fit: Placement of brand on the jersey of team or brand position during ground sponsorships is crucial. You require positioning your brand well in a way that the viewership will be at its maximum and at affordable pricing.

Combination of colour: Most crucial aspect in sponsorship of sports is the brand should be visible. The Color combination of the brand logo should be in sync with the team and franchise’s jersey colour.

Why should brands approach sports marketing agencies for marketing?

Almost regularly you view ads on your mobile regarding the upcoming sports occasions, or the emails you receive on the latest sports products along with pictures and popular athletes. Without such notifications or ads, how would you figure out the latest or new products or events? Sports marketing in today’s world play a crucial role in the following ways:

·       Real time marketing

It endows many brands with an opportunity to use real-time marketing basis the sports event. For instance, Snickers released an ad poster with the caption, ‘More satisfying as compared to Italian’ during the FIFA World Cup 2014 during the group stages. Real-time marketing isn’t very simple because events like these hardly happen frequently. However, when the opportunity comes up and the company successfully registers the story, it makes them highly visible on the internet.

·       Taking the help of emotions as leverage

Sports marketing endows the companies with the potential to leverage the fan emotions towards sport. However, it means that companies should know which sport they should target because fans behave differently with different sports. Beverage companies like Heineken and Coca Cola use sports marketing as one of the major tools to sell out their products as they know that people would buy them when watching live events.

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