Kawaii Lingerie Tips: Wash and Care

As the most intimate and private item in women’s clothing, kawaii lingerie is what makes women feel comfortable and confident. Most women know exactly how to take care of their outfits, and how to wash them. However, when it comes to the wash and care for kawaii lingerie, many of them do it wrong. Thus, in today’s article, risettelingerie is going to talk about how to maintain and clean your delicate undergarments. Keep on reading the article to find out how. 

Care and wash instructions for kawaii lingerie 

For lingerie to last a long time, it is important to take care of them properly. Also, you need to find out the best ways to maintain their quality. However, the ways to wash and care differ based on the different fabrics and materials they use.

Proper kawaii lingerie care will ensure that your bras and panties last longer. The first rule is to take care of them gently and delicately with patience. Because they’re unlike what you wear outside. After all, they are the items to ensure comfort inside.

Hand washing or machine washing?

Well, the answer is simple: hand washing. Actually, hand washing is always the best method for underwear care. It is way better than machine washing in many aspects. No matter which way you use to wash it, make sure the detergents don’t contain alcohol.

How to dry the kawaii lingerie after washing it?

Hang drying lingerie is the right way to do it. For gentle laundering, we recommend hand-washing bras every 2 to 3 years using an alcohol-free detergent. Also, you are likely to build your bra collection so that you have more bras to choose from and less laundry. 

Depending on how many bras are in your rotation, you should replace your bras after some time, say about every 6 or 9 months. Also, it’s essential to pay attention to the elastic of the bras. The elastic will wear out over time. Then the bra band won’t offer adequate support to your busts, which is bad for your health.

Hand washing your kawaii lingerie: how?

These steps will help you prolong the life of your hand-washable kawaii lingerie.

Firstly, you need to add a handwashing detergent to your sink. Also, make sure that the washing detergent you’re using is alcohol-free. Otherwise, the detergents are more likely to cause elastic damage and are harsher.

Before you do anything else, but it still and let your kawaii lingerie soak for at least several minutes to get thoroughly wet.

Then, it’s time to wash it. Rub the fabric together to get rid of dirt. Remember, do it gently, do not destroy the fabrics. Well, take your time and patience washing it slowly. 

After rubbing and washing, rinse with cool water until the water runs clear. You may want to redo it several times before you get it done. 

The next step is to dry it. How? The best way is to hang dry your kawaii lingerie. Here is how you do it: lay your garment flat on a towel, then use another towel to the top and gentle press down to drain the water it soaked in. Don’t use too much pressure in case you’ll do any damage to your delicate lingerie. Hang it somewhere till it gets completely dry.

Machine washing your bras if you can’t do it yourself

Machine washing your kawaii lingerie is acceptable if you don’t have the time for hand washing. 

Remember to use a mesh or lingerie bag, rather than a washer. It is the best way to separate bras and keep them fresh while you wash them.

Attach your bras to the backs and use a gentle detergent. Then set a lower speed to wash delicately in warm water.

Then, take your molded cup bras out from the washer and reshape them with your hands. However, remember not to stretch or wring your bras.

Finally, hang your bras to dry. But you must be careful about some materials. For example, don’t put your spandex bras into a dryer. Because the heat can cause the spandex to shrink and result in loss of elasticity. 

kawaii lingerie for sexy women

How to store your Kawaii lingerie?

Don’t put all your bras and panties in one drawer. Instead, separate them especially the molded cups. Because they can pucker and bend when inverted or folded, which will reduce the life of your lingerie. To keep your Kawaii lingerie organized, try a drawer that has dividers.

Laundering Fabric Tips

Lingerie of different fabrics needs different washing methods.

How to wash cotton Kawaii lingerie?

Cotton is a kind of strong fiber with high absorbency. Normally, you can see it in various prints, either in knitting or weaving. Cotton is the perfect material for daily Kawaii lingerie for the feature ensures comfort.

Normally, it can stand the heat: You can wash it in hot water or dry it in a drier and iron it.

For cotton whites, chlorine bleach is safe.

And for dyed cotton Kawaii lingerie, color-safe bleach is good.

Microfibers (acrylic, nylon, polyester)

Nylon is a strong and elastic fiber in Kawaii lingerie and it is easy to wash. 

Nylon Kawaii lingerie for machine washing is acceptable.

Normally, it stands cold and heat, and at low temperatures, it can be tumbled dry.


Rayon was to replace silk at first. It is smooth and absorbent. Well, it is the perfect choice for summer Kawaii lingerie. 

Mostly, you need to have it professionally dry cleaned.

For some, hand washing with cold water is OK.

Silk: how to wash it if your lingerie is made of silk?

It is a luxurious fiber that is famous for its soft touch and high dye absorption. Also, it is a strong fiber though it feels soft and smooth. You can find it common in high-quality Kawaii lingerie.

It calls for professional dry cleaning if you don’t want to ruin it yourself. If you want to do it yourself by hand washing, ensure that you use cold water without any kind of chlorine bleach.

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