Gildan G186, A Heavy Blend Hoodie That One Must Buy

Hoodies are an essential wardrobe staple, especially for colder months. Streetwear fashion enthusiasts and startup technicians prefer wearing these clothing items often. You may also see an increase in the demand for hoodies in the coming years. Such demand will also benefit many clothing stores whether it deals in clothes only, offer print-on-demand service, or both. Gildan is an apparel brand that also makes hoodies, and one of those include Gildan G186. You can count on the clothing items of this brand, entailing the aforementioned hoodie because of its positive repute. The hoodie that we have mentioned of Gildan is a full-zip heavy blend hoodie for adults. You must invest in this hooded sweatshirt because of the following:

  1. It Is of the Prestigious Brand, Gildan: Gildan hoodies are the market leader and excellent hooded sweatshirts to customize. Entrepreneurs also start selling Gildan hoodie after customization to earn money and promote their brand name. The same holds for a business that wants to increase its brand awareness via promotional items. To repeat, an adult full-zip heavy brand hoodie is of the market-leading wholesale apparel brand, Gildan. Thus, it makes sense why you should invest in this high-quality and reliable clothing item.
  • A Hoodie That Men or Women Can Always Count On: We have already told you that Gildan G186 is a highly reliable hoodie for men and women to invest in. You can count on this hoodie to experience the soft feel wearing and feeling comfortable. The softness of this hooded sweatshirt comes from an air-jet yarn. It is also the reason why it’s a pill-resistant hoodie. Therefore, pill-resistant air-jet yarn is responsible for its reduced pilling after washing.

Additionally, a full-zip hooded sweatshirt from Gildan weighs 8 ounces. It also makes it a warmer hoodie for cold-early morning workouts. You can also deploy its double-lined hood for extra warmth with a matching drawstring. Plus, you also have pouch pockets to utilize and keep your hands warm in the cold. Double-needle stitching throughout this hoodie makes it a durable hooded sweatshirt. Hence, you can count on the toughness of this hoodie.

  • Customize It and Stand out among the Rest: You can also customize this hooded sweatshirt through a printing technique or embroidery. For instance, you can print designs on this hoodie’s front and back through a Direct to Garment printing method. Or you may consider embroidery this heavy blend clothing item with a business logo to promote your brand name. It is up to you whether you choose a printing method to decorate this item or embroidery. In either case, you have the advantage to distinguish yourself from others as an individual or a business. Doing so will help you stand out among the rest, including streetwear fashion enthusiasts or competitors as per your needs.
  • A Poly-Cotton Blend Hooded Sweatshirt: It’s a 50-50 poly-cotton blend hooded sweatshirt, that is, extremely versatile.You will experience the benefits of both cotton and polyester wearing this 50-50 poly-cotton blend clothing item. You will feel the softness and breathability of the cotton wearing this item. Plus, you will find this hoodie moisture-wicking and durable because of its polyester fabric influence. Nevertheless, you won’t get the same performance of cotton and polyester from this hoodie as 100% cotton or polyester hoodies.
  • Vibrant Color Variants: It comes in an array of exciting colors to wear. Here are color variants for this high-quality hoodie: Ash, Black, Cardinal Red, Carolina Blue, Dark Chocolate, Dark Heather, Forest Green, Graphite Heather, Irish Green, Light Pink, Maroon, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal, Safety Green, Safety Orange, Sports Grey, White. Thus, men and women can choose to buy this hooded sweatshirt in colors suiting their personality and style. You may consider buying this hoodie online to find it in the color that suits you and buy it eventually.
  • Sizes: Gildan G186 comes in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. When buying online, see the size chart carefully to choose and buy it in the right size. Additionally, this hoodie will fit comfortably reflecting your personality once you wear it. It is a classic fit hoodie; therefore, it fits nicely as long as one buys it in the right size.
  • Affordability: In addition to the above factors, the price may also matter to you while buying hooded sweatshirts. Typically, Gildan wholesale apparel is affordably-priced, and you can get your hands on this item at a reasonable price, too. The wholesale price of this item may vary depending on the size. Yet, you can buy this hooded sweatshirt for as low as $14 if you buy it from a discount-friendly wholesaler. Buying it in bulk online will help you save more money. Moreover, buying it in bulk is advantageous for you to deploy it for business promotion and target massive customers.

Therefore, you have many reasons to choose and buy this hooded sweatshirt as a man or a woman. Furthermore, streetwear fashion or surfing on the beach may suit your personality. In that case, this full-zip hooded sweatshirt is an excellent clothing item to reflect your personality in style. Make sure you layer this hoodie with the right clothing items to deploy it for fashion or surfing. The versatility of this hoodie has also made it a sought-after hoodie for customers. Presumably, you would have understand why you must buy this hooded sweatshirt.  


Hoodies are an essential wardrobe staple, especially to tackle the cold. Streetwear fashion enthusiasts and startup technicians prefer wearing these clothing items frequently. Gildan G186 is a heavy blend hooded sweatshirt you must invest in because of the following:

1.      It is a reputable brand hoodie.

2.      Plus, this is a highly reliable hooded sweatshirt.

3.      It is a great item to customize and stand out.

4.      You will experience the benefits of cotton and polyester simultaneously wearing this hooded sweatshirt.

5.      Additionally, you can conveniently find it in a color suiting your personality.

6.      Finding it in the right size is easy.

7.      Moreover, you can get your hands on this hoodie affordably.

Thus, men and women have many good reasons to purchase this versatile hooded sweatshirt.

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