6 Important Tips to Help Keep Cooling Unit in Good Condition

There’s always something that needs fixing. Always. No matter how well-maintained your home is, there are things you can do to improve its value. The same goes for your cooling unit. It’s important that you keep it in top shape, or else it could lose efficiency and cost you more money to run every year! Many residents always make a fuss when they have damages to their cooling units. But more often than not, they are able to prevent their units from being damaged.

It is important to have regular maintenance to keep the functioning smooth. The Air Conditioner Repair is one of the most important factors that affect the lifetime of a cooling unit which no one can neglect. Regular maintenance visits are important. You need to clean or inspect all areas of your home that have something to do with its energy consumption. For example, you may need to install surge shields if necessary, and also keep an eye on filters and wiring. Do this every few months, and make sure you always go on a regular maintenance visit.

1. Do you know how to clean your cooling unit?

A cooling system needs a cooling unit. It is important to take care of it. If you do, your money will be saved and there won’t be big breakdowns of the equipment. Only turn off the power to the air conditioner before you do any inspection or cleaning. If there is a leak, then cover it with duct tape until you can fix it. Also, check for leaks around the base plate and through the walls. Make sure that fans, coils, blower wheel housing, condenser fins and compressor compartment fan belt are working properly too during regular maintenance visits.

2. Should you repair or replace your old cooling unit?

It is a good idea to change your old unit which has a lot of problems. New units are more efficient and cost less to operate, but their replacements are very expensive. You can fix an old unit by doing some simple repairs.

Replacing a central air system in a house with 2000 sq feet of cooling space will cost less on average. The cost goes up if the home has more than 2000 sq feet, and if the home is not easy to access. For example, it might be hard to install without taking out part of the house. The replacement of the cooling unit will be expensive if the cooling system has multiple problems.

3. How can you prevent leaks in your cooling unit?

The repair of the cooling unit will cost more if the unit has a lot of leaks. Preventing leaks in your cooling system is easy if you do regular maintenance. Clean the outside unit every spring and fall to prevent dirt from causing multiple problems. Change or clean the filters at least once per month during peak summer or winter months. If it is not working, then obviously it needs repairs! However, there are other signs that your system does show when the thing is not working. When it sounds like a fan that is running backward, then your condenser coil may be frozen up. The repair of your system will only be as good as the repairs done to the outside unit.

4. What are the most common problems with your heating and cooling system?

The heating and cooling problems in a home happen in the following ways. The air conditioner starts but blows hot air. The coil inside the unit is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Air moves better when your filters are clean. This will cool your house down faster, which is important in the summer. You can hurt yourself with a dirty filter by either burning yourself with hot air or electrocuting yourself with electricity. Filters block airflow and make the system work harder than it needs to.

5. When do you need to replace your air filters?

The air filters need replacement when:

The air filter is so dirty it does not let any air through. The smell and the air feels totally different. The outside of the filter is dirty. The air coming out of your air vents is not normal, and it’s louder than before. Your utility bills are higher than they used to be 6 months ago when you had your system installed. You have to have your air filters replaced every three months. But if you clean them more often, there will be less dust in your home. And that saves you money on electric bills because the furnace has to work less.

The best place for an outdoor unit is where water cannot get into it – under the roof overhang, protected from rain by bushes or trees above it, but still near an exterior wall of your house that gets sun

6. How can you save money on air conditioning repairs this year?

The saving of money makes it possible to continue using the services. However, it is necessary to make sure that the money you are saving really goes towards products or services that are worth your money. A good way to keep your system working is to clean it. When leaves fall, clean them up. Then your system will not break down.

The best place for an outdoor unit is where water can’t get into it. Under the roof overhang, protected from rain by bushes or trees above it, but still near an exterior wall of your house that gets sun. You can save money on air conditioning repairs by getting them done at a time when companies offer special discounts. Keeping your system running will help it last longer. You should not keep doors and windows closed all day. Let air circulate inside the house, especially if it is cooler outside than in the house.

Turning off and on an air conditioner can cause it to break more quickly than an AC that runs continuously because there is no time for the evaporator coil to cool between shut-downs. You can save money by setting your thermostat a little higher until it is cold in your area. It is also best to close off rooms you are not using and turn up the heat just a little bit when it gets cold at night.


You can get air conditioning repairs done by professionals while maintaining a schedule for regular maintenance visits at home yourself. Conventional Le High HVAC systemhelp in doing repairs and allow the consumer to get hot/cold air while not compromising on the expenses.

Next time when your AC isn’t working or making strange sounds, you should call an AC repair company. If your HVAC system is 10 years old or more, it may be time to buy a new one so that you can decide what type of unit will work best in your home and save money every year.