What to look out for when hiring a cleaning service in Sydney

Cleaning is on everyone’s lips these days, and while some of us try to keep our homes tidy, we need cleaners to help us with the little tasks we often forget about. For some busy families, cleaning help is more of a necessity than a luxury. In this case, there are several options, such as hiring a private cleaner or using a cleaning company.

Asking a cleaner to enter your home, touch your belongings, and enter your personal space can be difficult for some people. This is why you need to be careful when using a cleaning company.

You need to be able to fully trust the cleaning company you choose and feel comfortable when you trust them with your home.

We are often asked how to choose a company, so we wanted to make a recommendation.

We highly recommend ………..

1 – Do your research

2 – Check references, ask about the people who currently work for the company, and ask if you can contact them. A good cleaner is always a good idea.

3 – Check reviews on social media and look for reviews on websites.

4 – Set up an appointment for an interview and ask them the following questions.

You may ask

– Do you bring your own cleaning products?

– Do you use environmentally friendly cleaning products?

– How long have you been working for them?

– Do you use bleach or lime in your toilets?

– Do you wear shoe covers or remove your shoes?

– Are you insured?

– Have you ever taken a DBS test?

– Do you work in pairs and get the same team every time?

– How do you set your rates: by the hour or by type of item? If you charge by the hour, you should set an hourly rate to avoid overpaying.

– Is there a satisfaction guarantee – the company should be open to your suggestions and feedback. They should also offer a satisfaction guarantee if you are not satisfied with a particular service. There should be open communication via email and phone to ensure that your cleaning needs are met.

– Access to my apartment – If you leave your keys with your cleaner, make sure they keep them in a safe or have a keypad.

– If you have pets, make sure the cleaner treats them well and keeps them safe.

– What is included in the service? Ask what cleaning services are included in the regular cleaning, such as window cleaning, cobweb removal, baseboard dusting, etc.

– Can you document everything for me?

– Can I do a trial cleaning?

– What is your cancellation policy?

– What is your payment policy?

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