Creating Healthier Homes through Technology

Our lifestyle, like the times, is rapidly changing. Your house, as the safest haven during a crisis, is your first line of protection against both apparent and unseen threats. Is it, however, ready to meet your present and future requirements? 

Camella currently leads the movement of incorporating smart home technology into its house-and-lot projects, the first in its specialty, after pioneering townships and creating quality houses and lots for Filipino families for over four decades. Camella SmartHomes transforms your ordinary home into a responsive environment where users may control critical house operations using their mobile devices. 

Make Your Home Functions Smarter 

Through technology, Camella’s latest product opens up healthier options for your house. You can now open your door using only your phone and avoid coming into contact with the knob. If you’re concerned about security, you may register your biometric data and use your fingerprint to unlock your ports. Another option is to use a password to unlock your house, similar to how your smartphone does. 

Touchless technology makes it easy to manage your lighting with Camella SmartHome. The technology comes with pre-programmed scenarios for your interior settings, so you can do more than switch them on and off. This includes your lighting and air conditioning system, to mention a few of the numerous items you may connect and have activated automatically with a simple touch when you leave or return home. You may also personalize these settings to create the ideal ambiance for your house. 

Have you ever woken up with a strong need for coffee and wished you could turn on your coffeemaker from your bedroom and walk down to your freshly brewed brew? You can do just that with Camella’s SmartHome, and all you need is your phone. This technology makes your house more controllable and robust against unseen dangers by integrating appliance operations into your mobile device and minimizing your contact with your standard high-touch surfaces. 

Make Your Home Security Smarter 

Camella’s smart technology also strengthens your home’s protection against physical attacks with its improved security features. Programmable alarms, smoke detectors, motion detectors, and door and window contact sensors are all included in the SmartHome real estate. This provides homeowners the ability to get real-time warnings from suspicious actions at home, no matter where they are, and the ability to protect their houses remotely. 

Make Energy Efficient Decisions Wisely 

Camella SmartHomes, like its security features, connects switches and wall outlets for lights, chargers, and appliances to the smart network. Users can monitor their plugged-in devices, making energy management more accessible and more manageable. The fitted motion detectors help improve energy efficiency by turning lights on and off when opened and closed. You no longer have to worry about leaving your air conditioners on since you can easily switch them off from your phone, no matter where you are. Camella SmartHomes is the newest addition to the brand’s efforts to give healthier alternatives for safer sanctuaries, in addition to its roomy house offerings and eco-friendly installations. 

Time’s difficulties may come and go, but their impact on the landscape of our exterior and interior places will undoubtedly endure. Camella is now accessible in certain regions, allowing you to live the healthy lifestyle you choose in a community where you can feel safe and flourish. For additional information, check to know more our products.

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