What Type of Swimwear is Best For a Bikini Bottom?

One of the most popular styles of swimwear among women today is bikini bottom swimwear. In fact, some people call it the new bikinis! Bikini bottoms have been around for decades and they were originally called thongs. They were mostly worn by the younger women in the workplaces, in the street, and at beach resorts.

Types of Swimsuits

In the sixties, they were made more revealing and some designers called them booty shorts. The thongs became a style icon along with other types of swimwear such as rankings, hipsters, and string bikinis. Today, the designs of these types of swimsuits have become more realistic and hip. Most women prefer wearing thongs because they are very comfortable and even attractive to look at. They can easily be purchased from department stores and branded boutiques.

There are various kinds of bikinis available in the market. Some of the designs look very real, while others are just designed to look hot. The cut of the bikini bottom also differs depending on the manufacturer. Those made specifically for petite women have a low cut while those made for bigger women have a high cut. Designs that are more revealing have a very brief bottom while those with a shorter bottom have a gradual curve.

Different Types and Designs

The bikini bottoms are also available in different types. There are string bikini bottoms that come in various colors such as black, white, and others. The cut of this type of bikini bottoms is very short and they are great when worn with a mini skirt. Mini skirts come in different designs and cuts. It would be great if you can wear this type of bikini bottom with a micro bikini top so you can achieve the two looks at the same time.

Type of Bikini Bottoms

Another type of this type of swimwear is the backless type. This type has an open portion at the bottom which is revealed when you wear the bikini bottoms. The material used in making this type of bikini bottoms is transparent so you can see through it. However, there are some women who find this uncomfortable and do not want to reveal their body parts When it comes to choosing the right bikini bottoms, it is important to choose those that have good material quality. The bottom should not stick out when you are wearing it. If this happens, you may end up having ugly bumps on your bottom which will not only look ugly but also embarrassing.

There are also some swimsuits that have special effects. This type of bottoms is mostly used by models and dancers. You can also find this type of bottoms in the form of g-strings. These are very popular with women who want to show off their sexy bits. The material used in this type of bottoms is similar to that of the thong.

Used by Pregnant Woman

There are also two-piece bikini bottoms available in the market. They are usually made of mesh. They do not stick out from your clothes. This kind of bottoms is also used by many women who want to expose a certain part of their body. They also look really great on a pregnant woman Bikini cut bottoms are also available in the market. These types of swimwear are designed in a triangle shape. This means that one part is lower than the other two parts. Some of these bottoms also come with ruffles or bows around the edge of the Triangle. These bows make the bottoms more attractive and colorful. However, they are not necessary for a comfortable swim.


Many women love to wear bikini bottoms because it looks very sexy and exciting. Therefore, if you want to have an unforgettable experience of wearing these bottoms, you need to do a bit of research and find out what type and design are best for you. There is a huge collection of these bottoms available both in local and online stores. However, if you want a unique and comfortable bottom, you should go for the ones made from mesh.

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