The Unique Places That Make Switzerland A Sight For Sore Eyes

Europe is no less than a reflection of heaven on earth with so many mesmerizing landscapes and the exquisite art of nature. When talking about Alpine scenery and picturesque villages, Switzerland tops the list. Its snow-capped peaks, glittering blue lakes, and stunning glaciers make this country no less than a fairytale.

Switzerland has a rich culture: a fusion of all the customs of other European countries like France, Germany, Austria, and Italy. A single trip to Switzerland will be enough to give you multiple experiences.

If you have an admiration for historic buildings, museums, art galleries, and famed music festivals, Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne are the cities for you.

The capital, Bern, has an enticing medieval town that has countless scenes of rivers.

Along with the magic of history and nature, you can experience enthralling activities like paragliding, hiking, tobogganing, skiing, and biking.

Must-Visit Spots When Traveling To Switzerland

Apart from all the famous tourist spots, there are some unique spots in Switzerland that you can’t miss out on if you want to make your trip exciting and memorable.


Once your eyes capture the enchanting beauty of this alpine wonderland, you will remember it for the rest of your life. Jungfraujoch is a charming glacier saddle between two mountain peaks, making it one of Switzerland’s most admirable tourist spots.

It is the largest glacier in Europe, with a height of 3,463 meters. It is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are glacier villages in Jungfraujoch where you can try different adventures in the mountainous region.

For all the adventure-loving people, Jungfraujoch is an all-in-one package with thrilling activities. You can fly over the zip-line, explore the Sphinx observatory, and explore the ice palace full of marvelous ice sculptures.

St. Moritz

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Moritz is a piece of heaven on earth. It has glistening lakes, icy glaciers, world-famous peaks, where the abundance of sunshine makes the scenery even more magical. St. Moritz is one of the best places that you need to visit in eastern Switzerland.

This town is divided into two parts. The upper part is St. Moritz Dorf, and the lower part is St. Moritz Bad. There is a local bus that covers the whole village within 20 minutes. In Moritz, you can go for adventurous sports such as biking, skating, snowboarding, skiing, bobsledding, tobogganing, and hiking on the 1.2 km long Cresta Run.

The Rhine Falls

If you’re a lover of waterfalls, you need to visit the Rhine Falls at least once in your life. This majestic waterfall at Schaffhausen is 150 meters above the land. It is the largest waterfall in Europe.

The best months to capture the natural beauty of this piece of art are in June and July when the mountain snow melts and drops into the waterfall. At Rhine Falls, you can take a boat ride from and explore both sides of the river and get excellent views of the falls from both ends.

The Bernina/Albula Railway Line

Only a few railway lines in the world could score a place in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the Bernina/Albula is one of them. It is located in Graubunden city, which offers a delightful ride before reaching the station.

The Bernina Express begins the journey at Chur, the oldest city of Switzerland, and completes the journey at the Albula station. It passes nearly 300 bridges, tons of tunnels, the Graubunden Mountain Range, and many more surprises along the way.

Swiss National Park

Last but not least, the Swiss National Park is the most incredible place to visit in eastern Switzerland. It is situated in the Western Rhaetian Alps. This park is located just on the border of Italy and is the perfect location to watch beautiful rivers, limestone crags, Alpine animals, plants, and pristine landscapes.

The mountains are covered in snow in winters, which adds to the majestic look and makes the scenery appear magical. The park has more than a hundred species of birds and over five thousand species of wildlife, including red deer, marmot, chamois, to name a few.

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