Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Hair Dye for Indian Skin

Everyone likes to have black hair on their head. But, many individuals have grey, white, or brown hair. Several men and women are still confused to choose the best dye for them. For Indian skin, the market is flooded with thousands of hair colours and dyes. Most of the products include lots of chemicals that may damage the hair. 

That is why; many individuals are afraid to dye their grey hair because of the side effects or further damage. In India, hundreds of products are available to change the colour of your hair. But, which is the best dye for you? In this regard, you should have to remember some things before choosing a dye for Indian hair.

Different Types of Hair Dyes

Before choosing a hair dye, it is important to know its varieties. As per the requirement and ingredients, you can choose the best hair dye for Indian skin. Experts at the best salon in Bangalore for men can disclose several different varieties of hair dyes before applying the one one on your hair. Have a look at these different hair dyes:

  • Temporary hair dye: – Usually, temporary hair dyes are called hair colours that can be washed through shampoo. This type of hair dye doesn’t sit on the scalp and stick into the cortex of the hair. You can use this temporary hair dye for special events like parties, ceremonies, and other occasions.
  • Semi-permanent hair dye: – These dyes are purely free from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Usually, the molecules of colour remain within the shield (a furthermost layer of the hair). Your hair can look natural or fictitious.
  • Gradual hair dye: – Usually, it is a kind of metallic dye that provides the dark colour of metal oxides on the hair. However, you have to perform a re-application of these dyes and they can be removed with shampooing.
  • Permanent hair dye: – As the name suggests, this is a permanent colour that can’t fade through washes. It usually includes hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, PPD, and couplers.
  • Demi-permanent hair dye: – It is the same as permanent hair colour but without ammonia. However, the procedure will be the same as permanent hair colour. 

Best Hair Dye that Men Can Use

On a serious note, Indian men are too away from getting stylish and trendy hair colours. While applying a hair dye, make sure to match it with your skin. However, men can also take advice at a hair spa in Marathahalli about the suitable hair dye according to their skin. Here are some popular and effective hair dyes that Indian men can use:

  • Revlon Top Speed Hair Dye Man (Natural Black): – It increases the technology of colour and this dye is completely free from ammonia. 
  • Bigen Men’s Speedy Colour (Natural Black): – This kind of dye usually includes Glycine, olive oil, and pullulan. It is the best hair colour that makes your hair natural and healthy.
  • Garnier Colour Naturals Men (Dark Brown): – The Garnier products help to provide proper nourishment and nutrition to the hair with attractive colour.
  • Just for Men Hair Colour (Real Black): – It is also free from ammonia and can cover every grey colour in a short period.

Best Hair Dye that Women can Use

Apart from men’s products, there are several hair dyes available for women also. However, women can also search for ladies’ beauty parlours near Marathahalli Bridge. Here are some of the most popular hair dyes for women:

  • Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour (Natural Brown): – It does not involve ammonia but increases the speed of colour technology. With keratin, you can get smooth and shiny hair.
  • Manic Panic Classic Cream Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Dye (Blue Steel): – This is also known as a semi-permanent colour that includes the complex of herbal protein.
  • Revlon Colorsilk Hair Colour with 3D Colour Technology (Dark Auburn): – Along with 3D effects and apple ingredients, this ammonia-free hair dye helps to hide each grey colour.
  • BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour (Deep Burgundy): – It is another popular hair dye that provides a glossy and shiny look to your hair.

Final Words

Before choosing any hair dye, it is important to do research or can ask at a nearby parlour and spa. For more information, you can visit the hair expert and ask them about your hair problems. They will guide you properly and offer the best hair dye as per type of hair.

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