Air Spring Suspension System: What Do Airbags Bring Us?

Vigorairride air spring suspension is an OEM option for many automobile manufacturers nowadays. Besides, it is also a popular modification to vehicles in the aftermarket world. Wondering why air springs become so hot? Read through this article to find the answers. 

what is an air suspension spring

What is an air spring? 

A spring that has airbags in it. When properly inflated, airbags provide passengers with the sensation of being weightless or floating. In other words, they make you feel like you’re not even there. What it is an air spring simply replaces traditional suspensions with airbags on the back of large 18-wheel semi-trucks.

How do air springs work? 

When you increase the tire’s height, you increase the height of the suspension travel. This means that you will be traveling further along the surface of the road. This is good if you frequently drive for long distances, but if you get frequent speed bumps and safety traffic, an air spring may be a better option for you.

Make sure you have an air compressor mounted inside

And these coils are very sensitive to changes in temperature and environmental factors such as noise, dust, and heat. When you install air springs on your tires, you can eliminate the need for expensive and custom air compressors. These air compressors are usually so small that they can be mounted under the frame and towed along behind the truck. This eliminates the need to have a separate air spring compressor for each tire.

What do air springs bring us?

Unlike traditional steel springs in old-fashioned suspension systems, air suspension uses air as springs. Thanks to that, airbags provide some outstanding features that are beneficial. 

Quality performance and optimal ride height

Air springs provide high-performance and outstanding ride height. The air suspensions’ design allows for longer, higher ride height without excessive slippage. Slippage occurs when the suspension system pulls the entire hitch up rather than spreading it out over a smaller area. Air spring systems distribute the weight more evenly. This prevents excessive wear and tears, reduces the frequency that you need to replace springs, and improves your vehicle’s ability to roll over.

How does an air spring help with ride height? 

When your tires have less air pressure on them when you drive over uneven surfaces, it makes the suspension travel farther and with more wear and tear. The airbags allow the suspension to work with less resistance, resulting in improved tire clearance.

Airbag suspension springs offer improved traction

The air spring also provides exceptional traction with a low compression ratio. High compression ratios are recommended for trucks to prevent damage to the knuckle pile (where the suspension ends and begins) of the tires. However, high compression ratios can also lead to excessive wear and tear, which causes premature failure. The air-powered air-time restrict system limits the amount of pressure that the airbag applies, which minimizes pressure-based wear.

Decreased noise and enhanced stability while driving

The air spring reduces noise and vibration in the cabin. A spring is a dampening device used in many types of suspension systems to reduce noise and vibration. 

Multiple applications on various vehicles

Most people associate air suspensions with sports cars, race cars, and other automotive engineering marvels. However, air suspension systems have been on U.S. highways for decades now, and they are found on most passenger vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, etc).

Airbags vs. leaf springs

So how does an air spring help with passenger vehicles? When you compare a leaf spring with an airbag, you will see that an airbag has better crash clearance and will absorb the shock better than a leaf spring does. Additionally, the airbag uses a lower profile because it doesn’t go through the whole vehicle as the leaf spring does.

Selection between the two: air or leaf?

How do you choose between an air spring or airbags and a leaf spring? You need to balance performance and cost. A leaf spring will perform better than an air suspension, but it will cost more to install. It may be worth it in the long run, though. As always, if you’re not sure, take a test drive!

what is air suspension

How can air springs save you money? (make a wise choice for the right springs)

If your vehicle has a poor ground clearance or if you frequently travel over bumpy terrain, air springs may save you money. It’s important, though, to choose a system that’s right for you. There are five main types of air springs on the market: conventional air springs, shocks, dual control air springs, progressive air springs, and power-train air springs. Which one you choose depends on how you plan to use the suspension system. 

Here is an example of using shock absorbers for your information: 

The most common form of air springs is located in the lower shock absorbers of vehicles. They provide more suspension travel than do coil springs. The shock absorbers are mounted above the ground clearance, which means they need very little clearance height to install. However, they offer greater shock absorption than do coil spring setups and can cost up to three times as much as conventional air-spring setups.

Is air suspension suitable for your Mercedes Benz for height purposes?

Air spring suspension in a Mercedes Benz is an excellent choice for increasing ride height without adding significant weight or spending excessively on the engine. These systems are available in both single and dual control and include all of the options that you would expect from a Mercedes. In addition, Mercedes Benz owners can enjoy the extra benefit of having a shock absorber system that is compliant with the Passat maintenance policy. 


If there’s an OEM air suspension system laying in your car, you are sure to enjoy a softer and safer ride. If not, you can always have a modified one installed in the aftermarket. 

Shop online to find a full range of air suspension products that meet your specific needs and can be installed in your Mercedes today. Of course, there’re springs for other vehicles as well. Find a trusted retailer online, place an order and wait for its arrival in just a few days! 

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