Why are Lab Grown Diamonds Expensive?

When a lab-grown diamond is advertised, it’s usually because that diamond has been created in a controlled environment. The term “lab-grown” generally refers to a laboratory in which growing the diamond takes place. Because the diamond is being grown in a controlled environment, the diamond will likely be of better quality, increasing its price. But why are lab-grown diamonds so expensive?

Difference between Natural & Lab-Grown Diamonds

First, unlike naturally occurring diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do not require the same process for growing. Natural diamonds require open air and a great deal of heat to form. That means that the diamonds created using this method of creation will have a greater amount of carbon in their composition than diamonds grown naturally. Lab-grown diamonds of LovBe Coupon Codes created through the use of these open-air volcanoes can contain up to 95% more carbon than those created through other means. As you can see, when these stones are compared side by side, they are very different.

Expense of Natural & Lab-Grown Diamonds

Another reason why lab-grown diamonds are so expensive is because of the way they are created. First, in a laboratory, with the help of extreme temperatures and the help of a controlled environment, lab-grown diamonds are created. During this creation process, the diamond particles are attracted to one another but are held in their natural surroundings. Once this process is complete, the diamond becomes a gem.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that natural diamonds are less expensive. On the contrary, natural diamonds can cost more than gem-grade diamonds. It all comes down to the craftsmanship involved. When diamonds are created using a machine, it increases the price because the machine can’t do it. On the other hand, if a natural diamond is cut in a laboratory, with the assistance of tools similar to those used in a mine, then the cost goes down. But, of course, if a lab-created diamond is used, the cost goes up because there is an abundance of the material, which is rare and therefore increases its value.

Quality of the Diamond

Another question that people have about why lab-grown diamonds are so expensive is whether or not they are superior. In essence, this is a two-fold question. On the one hand, we know that lab-grown diamonds are real, unlike diamonds created through traditional methods. But, on the other hand, we also know that natural diamonds are superior because they are rare and thus command a higher price.

The truth of the matter is that natural diamonds are slightly more expensive than lab-grown ones. It comes down to the quality of the diamond. Natural diamonds are harder and last longer than lab-grown diamonds. That is something we all know, and the reason why they cost so much is because of the increased cost of materials. Lab-grown diamonds are grown using the same process as natural diamonds, but they are more closely linked to the purity of the diamond itself.

Concrete Reason

So, why are lab-grown diamonds so expensive? That is just one more valid question that we have to ask ourselves. There is no concrete reason why they are so much more expensive than a natural diamond; it just comes down to the cost of materials and the uniqueness of the diamond. If you want to be fair, you could say that they are more expensive because we don’t yet know how to make them better. But then again, you could also say that diamonds are rare and thus, demand a higher price.


Why are lab-grown diamonds so expensive? Because of the research that went into their creation and because they are better diamonds. They are closer to the perfect diamond, but still, they are not perfect. But, as we all know, nothing is forever, and as long as science keeps developing, there will be a way to create artificial gems that will be exactly like the real thing.

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