6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Denim

Fashion has always been the talk of the town. From the fashion city of Paris to a village in Eastern Punjab, we are all obsessed with discovering new fashion hitting the market. The discussion flies from one end of the room to the other about how that new trend is followed by that celebrity.

When we talk fashion, denim is inevitable to be brought up in the conversation. The initial introduction was targeted towards bringing up a sturdy pant material specifically for the labour population. From that day on in the 1870s to today, denim pants have withstood the test of time.

Denim was later used for jackets as well. As time progressed, ripped and distressed jeans were brought forth to add a touch of fashion to this marvellous invention. If you want to add a touch of freshness into the old norm, long distressed denim jackets are worth a try.

Below we list all the reasons why you may need to get yourself a pair:

  1. Trendy:

Since the introduction of denim in the market, it has never been found to be out-of-trend. Newer versions of the same old denim pants and jackets become available in stores to add a hint of style to your outfit. Ripped jeans are easy to style with most of your tops. Be it a baggy winter sweater or tank top for the summer, jeans would go great with each of them.

Comfort with style

Another reason why you would want to consider adding jeans to your wardrobe is the comfort it provides. Jeans mostly come in stretchable material now which makes them easy to carry and effortless to flaunt at the same time. The blue on jeans weirdly enough matches with everything in any colour, making them a style icon in an otherwise dull wardrobe.

Colour Options

In addition to the original blue colour, denim material has now been introduced in various colours as well. Black, white, red, green, grey. You name it, and it is available in stores. The benefit of these colours lies in the fact that it makes it even easier to mix and match with your outfit. Grey distressed jeans will be a great addition to your wardrobe as they give a …. Look when matched with other neutrals or not-so-neutrals.

Oversized fashion

Denim in oversized may sound a bit debatable but it is a Godsend for sure. Models in magazines wearing an oversized denim jacket over denim jeans is a common sight. Noir LDN’s recently introduced long distressed denim jacket, which will give you that magazine-worthy look without making it too tacky.

Always in-style

Denim has and will always stay in style. It’s a work in progress as it constantly keeps changing its shape and colour but is never considered old fashion. Nothing has beaten denim by staying in the industry for longer than a century without losing its charm.

Evolution in progress

Denim jeans started as straight pants and transformed themselves through an entire process of evolution. As the designers found it fit to add a hint of denim into their designs, it was a whole new era being introduced without much thought. Today, we have lived through the era of bootcuts and mom jeans and entered into the ripped and skinny jeans world.

Conclusively we can say that denim has taken the fashion world by storm and no power of any other material can leave it behind in its versatility and durability. No one, be it a teen or an adult is found without at least one pair of jeans in their clothing collection. Keeping that in mind, we would suggest you give Noir LDN’s distressed denim a try to give your wardrobe a hint of style.

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