5 Security Practices When Exchanging On C4Changer

C4Changer is a digital platform that allows people to exchange e-money and cryptocurrency in Pakistan. People can buy, sell, trade, and make money with cryptocurrencies by simply logging in or signing up on our website.

While exchanging cryptocurrencies on C4Changer may be a great investment, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. Like any other digital exchange, there are risks and dangers waiting for you if you fail to take certain precautions. However, by employing a few security measures, you can safely exchange on C4Changer.

In this blog, we will tell you about the five security practices you should adopt when using the services of a cryptocurrency exchanger in Pakistan.

Never Exchange Outside The Platform

The first thing you should always remember is to keep your exchange within the C4Changer platform when buying or selling cryptocurrencies. If anyone outside C4Changer is suggesting you to move onto private channels, such as Whatsapp or Messenger, never accept their request. In this case, the best option for you is to find some legitimate exchanger who will keep your cryptocurrency safe. C4Changer ensures their customer that all of their exchanges done on our platform are 100% safe and protected. We take additional precautions to ensure our customer’s funds are safe when they are with us.  

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is a security system that requires a user to provide us with two different forms of identification in order to verify themselves. These two distinct forms of identification could be anything, such as a password and a code, or a PIN and a code.

This means in order to log in to your account, you will first need to provide the correct username, a correct password or PIN, and then a unique one-time password that will be texted to you on your cellphone. This whole process makes it impossible for any other person to log into your account.

So if you have your two-factor authentication enabled, there is no chance for an impersonator to log into your account even if they have access to your username and password.

Be Aware Of Phishing Scams

You should be aware of any suspicious messages or emails pretending to be someone you trust. C4Changer would never ask you for your personal information via email. Any personal information you provide us with is only on our website, that too encrypted.

Some malicious actors may even try to create fake websites with the name of C4Changer in order to steal your funds. You should look for any abnormalities in the domain name to ensure that the website is authentic. An even better way to avoid this issue is by bookmarking our authentic website on your computer or phone, and access us from there. This way, you will never end up on a wrong, potentially dangerous website.

Don’t Use Same Passwords On Different Websites

It is tempting for many users to use one password on every online account they have. This practice saves them from the hassle of remembering multiple different passwords for different platforms. Even though the thought of using the same password over and over is extremely convenient for you, it has higher chances of making you vulnerable to personal information theft.

Even if you want to take the easy way and don’t have the capacity to memorize different passwords, you should consider using passphrases instead. A passphrase is a string of different characters that don’t make any sense together. This is much more difficult for a hacker to guess than the name of your mom or dad, which you have used as a password on every single account. A good passphrase would consist of capital letters, small letters, some special characters. You can even make this the password for all of your accounts as it is unique and something a hacker will never get.

Use A Personal And Secure Device

Make sure to always use a safe and secure device when exchanging on C4Changer. If you use public computers or other devices in libraries, offices, and Internet cafes, you have a risk of giving someone else access to your information. This is a significant risk, especially if you forget to delete your browser history. Your information on such computers can be used for their benefit or to take over your C4Changer account.

Following these five steps will make your cryptocurrency exchange relatively safer on C4Changer. So make sure to adapt them for your next exchange with us.

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