Compensation and Average Payout for a Car Accident

Compensation Claim

Victims of car accidents often ask about what compensation they can claim for in a car crash claim. General damages and special damages are two heads of claim that make a compensation claim in any car crash and personal injury case. 

General damages aim to cover the victim’s bodily pain and emotional suffering. These damage claims also cover the impact of injuries on a victim’s quality of life.

The following discussion is related to the severity of damages or injuries and its impact.  The discussion also includes how much amount a victim could get in general damages.

Special damages also cover road accident claims. These damages include healthcare-related expenses, lost wages, loss of further earning capacity, property damage, and others. The purpose of this head of the compensation claim is to take any financial losses stemming from the injuries into account. By claiming special damages, the victim is able to recover his financial position and come to his pre-accident situation.

Supplying solid evidence of any expenses incurred is essential to ensure a successful recovering of special damages in car crash claims. Typical forms of solid evidence include invoices, receipts, bank statements, and so on. Remember, the victim cannot receive money without them.

Obtaining medical evidence is a crucial step to establish the compensation money you could receive. Medical evidence is a crucial part of the car crash claims process. So, an experienced Car Accident Lawyer with expertise in personal injury claims will make your medical examination easy.

The medical examination includes the review of your medical history, along with an assessment of your physical and mental health conditions. The medical expert will then detail his remarks by producing a report. Based on the report, your lawyer will value the compensation claim while linking your injuries to the accident. Therefore, lawyers consider medical examination to be a vital piece of evidence in special damage cases like claims for accidents.

The Average Payout for Whiplash Claim

The severity of the injuries is the criteria upon which the average compensation payout for a car crash claim depends. Whiplash is a common injury sustained in car accidents. 

Look at the following average whiplash payouts that clarify the point about compensation awards and severities:

In the UK, like the case of other injuries, whiplash claims can vary depending on the severity. However, claiming for whiplash policy has recently changed. Earlier this year, the government introduced the Whiplash Reform Programme (WRP) to tackle car accident injuries that occurred following the 31st of May, 2021. As the number of claims being made is high in the UK, the government introduced the WRP, an online portal. Victims can make car accident claims up to the value of 5,000GBP by using this portal.

Nevertheless, the WRP covers only adults who must be drivers/passengers, not pedestrians and cyclists. By hiring an experienced car accident lawyer in the UK, the eligible people can submit a claim with a more traditional approach. Wallace Legal has a competent team of UK car accident lawyers who are always available to help you with this. 

Compensation You Could Receive For A Road Accident Compensation Claim

As we discussed earlier, two key figures including general damages and special damages can make car accident claims in the UK. To calculate general damages, your lawyer will help you by consulting the Judicial College Guidelines (JCG) that acts as a publication. These damages are then awarded to address the suffering experienced by the victim.

In addition to an extensive list of injuries, the JCG guidelines also help victims what they could be worth in cases of general damages. There are things affecting this amount, which include the injury/damage severity and the time for recovery.

Why Choose Our Experienced Car Accident Lawyers?

Our lawyers always take an individualised approach to treat every client very professionally. They do not draw any conclusions about your compensation claim case until they have all the fact-based evidence to strengthen your case. Therefore, they do not make just assumptions. Our solicitors only accept the case when they are confident and believe that they will win the case.

If you are seeking the help of an experienced solicitor in the UK, we will give your legal advice on your car accident claims.

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