Can I Wear a Leather Jacket in the Fall?

This question is on the lips of every woman in America in September. With the approaching fall, how should you dress to work or play? Will your brown leather jacket look good with a khaki skirt, or will a light grey flannel shirt be more appropriate? And if you do decide to wear a leather jacket, what kind should you wear?

Special Occasions

If you ask yourself these questions, you are probably still in love with your yellow plaid tank top from summer or are planning to wear that same shirt again this autumn for special occasions. One of the best things about leather is how easily it can work with different colors and styles in Jenni Kayne, so you don’t have to stick to one classic look if you want to change things up. For example, if you have brown hair, a dark-colored jacket is an excellent choice for work – and one that will make you feel more sophisticated in public while looking great in photographs. For those of you in the military, a leather blazer in khaki or black is ideal, as it won’t date or be gender-defined as much as a dressier blazer might.

Suitable for Spring or Summer

It would be wise to consider a more neutral shade of leather jacket for the fall. However, some excellent fall jacket choices won’t be too cold in the winter but will be suitable for spring or summer. One of the trendiest looks for the fall is a leather motorcycle jacket, with its sleek styling and pinstripe style. Many men love how it hugs the body but don’t cling, perfect for the hot summer months.

Classic Black Leather Jacket

Choose an essential black leather jacket if you are planning to wear one anywhere in the year. The classic black leather jacket still looks lovely in September, especially when belted and worn with slim pants. A light or pale-colored leather jacket is a good choice for the fall, whether you plan to wear it to work or play. You can still look stylish and masculine in a black leather jacket, even in the cooler months of the year.

Another question that often pops up when we try to decide how to look great in the fall is, “can I wear a leather jacket in the winter?” If you have long hair and a great deal of skin on your arms, you might want to keep your leather jacket in winter. However, many men who prefer a subtler look may not want to go this route. If that is the case, don’t worry; there are options for you, too. One thing to remember is that as long as the leather is functional, you can wear almost any leather style in the winter.

Stylish Leather Jackets

Fall brings along many great choices for stylish leather jackets. Choose a short coat that drapes down over the shoulders or a long skin that will flow with the rest of your ensemble. One fun option for women is a V-neck because of its versatility and the fact that it hugs your body in the waistline, creating a soft, flattering shape. Of course, any leather cut will look great as a V-neck, so you should choose something with plenty of texture for a unique look. You can also choose leather that isn’t as thick to create an edgy look that will stand out this fall.

Relaxed & Casual

You may be wondering what kinds of other options you have for a leather jacket this winter. Think about a long faux fur coat that you can wear with cropped pants, a pea coat, or a wool pea coat. Accessorize with belts and shoes in the form of boots, loafers, or stilettos to take your look from the professional to the relaxed and casual.

Final Words:

Once you’ve decided how and when you’ll wear your leather jacket this fall, don’t forget to get some stylish new accessories to go along with it! Remember to layer thin jackets with layers of cardigans or button-up coats to keep warm and look your best, and to accessorize with belts, buckles, and jewelers in the form of necklaces, rings, or earrings. Accessorizing in this way will make your leather jacket indeed your own. If you’re still wondering, “what can I wear a leather jacket in the fall?”

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