Beat the Heat and Stay Chill with Evaporative Cooling!

Beat the Heat and Stay Chill with Evaporative Cooling!

Metropolitan Air Conditioning offers 24/7 evaporative air conditioning repairs, maintenance and installation so you’ll always be ready for the summer sun. Book a service today for fresh, cool air in your home. You won’t regret it.Book Now

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Evaporative Cooling is Natural Climate Control

One of the most eco friendly ways to keep your home cool is with the help of an evaporative air conditioner. Unlike refrigerated cooling, evaporative cooling is a natural process which gives you a soothing breeze on hot summer days. It’s also around 75 per cent more energy efficient that spilt system air conditioning, potentially saving you big on the quarterly rates.

Metropolitan Air Conditioning is here to help you stay cool with our evaporative cooling repairs, maintenance and installation services. So whether you have an existing air con which needs personal care, or want a new system installed, we’re here to get you ready for summer. You’ll be able to relax as a ducted evaporative cooling system spreads fresh filtered air throughout your home.

When you book a qualified Metropolitan Air Conditioning technician you’ll receive fast attendance within 1 hour* of your call and will never have to pay more for after hours visits. That’s great news when your air conditioner breaks down during a hot evening or on the weekend.

Contact us to book a service today.

How Does Evaporative Air Conditioning Work?

Sure, evaporative cooling is a natural air conditioning process, but how does it actually work? It’s surprisingly simple.

Hot air is drawn into a roof mounted unit where it is filtered and cooled while passing through moistened cooling pads. As the air moves through the pads, water evaporates absorbing the heat in the air. As the air temperature lowers, the system fans circulates the comfortably chilled air throughout the home via ducts or vents.

Evaporative cooling always relies on fresh air, meaning you’re not breathing dry, stale recirculated product. Asthma and allergy sufferers will see the benefits as cool fresh air continuously flows. And because the air has been naturally cooled by water, it remains moist and won’t cause dry eyes or skin. How good does that sound?

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Evaporative Cooling Repairs and Services

One of the best ways to look after your heating and cooling systems is to organise regular servicing. Just like your significant other, evaporative coolers also benefit from some extra TLC.

Metropolitan Air Conditioning provides personalised servicing and repairs to ensure you enjoy the maximum output of your air con. We won’t leave you high and dry when the mercury soars!

Our annual ducted evaporative cooling service includes:

  • Filter pad cleaning or replacement
  • Fault finding diagnosis
  • Duct cleaning
  • Thermostat testing
  • Motor inspection, including cleaning and part replacement
  • Cooler disinfection and deodorising to prevent mould growth

We can even clear out any nasty critters which may have decided to make a home in your ducts. Trust us, it happens!

If the time is right for an evaporative cooler service, call us today! Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including public holidays.

We can even be at your house within an hour* of your call, so whenever it suits you, a Metropolitan Air Conditioning technician can help.

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Evaporative Cooling System Installation

Maybe you don’t have a ducted evaporative cooler just yet, but you can’t wait to add one. Or perhaps your existing cooler has lost its energy efficiency and the time has come to upgrade. Metropolitan Air Conditioning can help you out.

Our evaporative installation services are professional, focused and reliable. We have access to a range of evaporative coolers from reliable brands including Braemar, Brivis, Bonaire and more.

Our installation services can be paired with a selection of $0 deposit interest free payment plans**. This way you pay nothing upfront for a brand new air conditioning system. You can enjoy the best energy efficiency, coolest fresh air and lower energy bills without paying in one sum.

Payments can be spread over weekly or fortnightly installments at your own pace. You remain in charge of finances. Our $0 deposit payment plans** are available across Australia on all evaporative cooling services. Installation, repairs or maintenance, it’s all the same.

All you need to do is contact our friendly customer service team to book in a job today.

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