Are Offset Shower Enclosures a Good Option?

Offset Shower Enclosures are a suitable option when you have some extra space available in the bathroom. These are a bit larger than the standard enclosure. The shower cubicles are sometimes a huge blessing for your bathroom. Everything about them is a positive aspect that no one can deny. They play a huge role in the interior of your bathroom and sometimes change the whole view of the bathroom with their presence or absence. If your bathroom is well managed, there is no denying that you can be content before and after your shower.

Getting a shower enclosure in your bathroom isn’t compulsory, but once you know its benefits it then it’ll become your need. The way cubicles for the shower add to the design and style of your bathroom tells a lot that you should immediately get it. There are many types of enclosures available in the market nowadays, and you should check each one for a better decision.

Today, in this article, we’re going to discuss a type of shower enclosure that is in high demand due to its chic look. Yes, we’re talking about Offset cubicles, and in the rundown, we’ll try to explain every possible detail we can about this enclosure.

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What is an Offset Shower Enclosure?

As we know, shower enclosures of various shapes are being produced so they can easily adjust to your bathroom layout. Quadrant, including its offset version, also made to save a lot of space in your bathroom. The walls of this enclosure are made in a way that one is larger than the other with a quadrant shape. This makes the shower highly adjustable in every space in your bathroom. 

Is Offset Shower Enclosure really worth it?

You must wonder if getting an offset enclosure is good for your bathroom. Below we’re going to explain to you if it’s worth it or not. So, we think without further stalling, it’s nice to just get to know about our topic of discussion.

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Benefits Of Getting an Offset Shower Enclosure

You may expect the following benefits of the offset shower enclosures

  • Spacious Shower Area

Yes, you’ve read it right. Due to its quadrant shape, offset cubicles gives you a spacious shower area so you can comfortably shower in peace. It is due to the overall more length and size. Perhaps the quadrant shape is also helpful in making your area spacious. 

  • Shape

It has such a unique shape than any regular-shaped shower enclosure that it immediately attracts you towards itself. The shape of the offset enclosure is highly advantageous because it can fit easily in any part of your bathroom.

  • Easier to Clean

Offset shower cubicles are easy to clean because of less glass structure. More than half of this enclosure attaches directly to the wall of your bathroom and hence, less glass structure.

  • Luxurious Look

Luxury is a way to live these days. Without a hint of luxury, life becomes boring. But you can easily give yourself a feel of luxury with different chic products at affordable prices. Offset Shower Enclosures are also something that will have your bathroom look like royalty as soon as you make this shower enclosure a part of it.

  • Good For Any Bathroom Type

Whether the bathroom is shaped like a regular one or has an odd structure, an offset shower enclosure is still going to stand tall in your bathroom. The high advantage of getting an offset enclosure is definitely its adjustment in any space, let it be a small bathroom or a big one.

  • Available in Different Sizes

Shower enclosures are available in different shapes and sizes, so you have a number of options to choose from. Offset shower enclosures are available in 700mm-1200mm sizes. 

  • Complements All Types of Bathrooms Looks   

There is no doubt that this shower enclosure option is available in different sizes. The standard version is suitable for small bathrooms. You can use the offset variant if you have some extra space available in the bathroom. It even makes it a great option for medium to large spaces as well. However, you must take care of the door option. In addition to that, it is a great pick to create the contemporary or on-trend look in the bathroom. 

Now that we’ve told you the many advantages of Offset enclosures, it’s easier to make a decision. There are plenty of marketplaces that offer the best quality shower enclosures at reasonable rates. Go buy the one and give yourself and your bathroom a treat!

Are You Looking for Offset Shower Enclosures?

In this article, we had a discussion about offset shower enclosures. We particularly focus on various benefits it can offer you. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of shower enclosures available at lower prices. You can check our website for the latest deals and offers. 

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