Causes Of Dandruff

Suppose you are going for any meeting and suddenly the white flakes are coming from your head. How does it look? You will feel embarrassed and your confidence will be reduced. This can have an impact on your meeting and maybe you can’t show your caliber due to low self-esteem. The white flakes coming from your head were dandruff. Dandruff is a common problem in everyone regardless of age. Dandruff is a problem you need to cure it on time after knowing the type of dandruff you have. There are three types of dandruff: oily dandruff, wet dandruff, and dry dandruff. 

The symptoms that show that the person is facing the problem of dandruff are dryness and itchiness. Dandruff extracts all the oil from our scalp that makes our hair weak and affects hair growth. Much BEST ANTI DANDRUFF MEDICATED SHAMPOO IN INDIA is available. Let’s study what causes dandruff. 

  • Styling your hair is the one thing that everyone loves to do. People style their hair with different hairstyling appliances. The excessive use of these hair styling appliances is not good for hair. They make your hair dry and affect hair growth. The heat released from these appliances is not good for hair. You must use these hair appliances occasionally and with protective cream. The cream should be properly applied to the scalp so that it doesn’t harm much. 
  • Following proper hair care, routine is crucial for healthy hair. You are following a proper hair care routine and massaging your hair once or twice a week then it makes your hair shiny and strong. Don’t overdo or less do shampooing as this can also affect our hair badly. Many products are there that don’t suit us but still we are using those products. Avoid using these types of products.
  • Not taking proper diet is the main problem of today’s generation. They love to have unhealthy food and that puts an impact on hair growth. Unhealthy food has a lot of fat and oil that badly affects our hair growth and makes our hair dry. For healthy hair growth, you need to consume a lot of proteins, vitamins, and other crucial ingredients. 
  • Today’s lifestyle has become so hectic that people have stress all the time. You can have been stressed related to your personal life and professional life and that harms your body. Stress can cause dandruff and other health-related issues. You should follow different practices to reduce stress so that it can’t affect your body and you can have a healthy life. 
  • Few people are there that have an unhygienic lifestyle and this can cause dandruff. You don’t wash your head for days or weeks. The dirt and oil will accumulate on your scalp and can cause dandruff. 
  • The problem of dandruff is mainly seen in people with dry scalp. Dandruff extracts the oil from the scalp and that can be dangerous in the future. People should take care of the dry scalp properly. Especially during the winter season when there is dryness you need extra care for good hair growth. 

So these are the few causes of dandruff. There is ANTI DANDRUFF MEDICAL SHAMPOO IN INDIA.

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