How to Make Money as a ClickASnap Affiliate

Looking to make money online? In this ClickASnap review, we’ll discuss how you can make money as an affiliate and walk you through the entire process of signing up and getting started, step by step. We’ll also tell you about some of the top features and benefits of this particular affiliate marketing program and how it compares to others. If you want to get started making money with affiliate marketing today, keep reading!

How Much Can I Earn As a ClickASnap Affiliate?

No, you won’t make millions, but there are real benefits to being a ClickASnap affiliate. The company has three different plans for affiliates: Gold, Silver and Bronze. As a bronze-level affiliate—the lowest level—you will earn 20% commission from each sale made by your referrals. You will also earn 5% from sales done by any of your referral’s referrals. In total, your earnings per sale can range from 20% to 45%. That does mean that if someone referred through you ends up becoming an A List affiliate (i.e., they earned $10K in one month), you won’t receive more than $2,500 on that deal.

What Type of Jobs Does ClickASnap Offer?

When you join ClickASnap, you’ll be given various options on what type of jobs to take. Some of these will be paid more than others; some will pay more right away while others will make their money over time. With that said, here’s how it works: For each dollar someone spends through your link (or affiliate link), you’ll earn 10 cents. If they spend $500 with our merchants within their first 30 days with us, you’ll receive $50 directly into your Paypal account after 60 days. The more someone spends with one of our merchants during their first 30 days, the higher percentage off their total purchase price is sent to you after they have accumulated $500 in spending within those first 30 days.

How Easy is it to Become a ClickASnap Affiliate?

How Do I Become a ClickASnap affiliate? This is probably one of the most common questions we get. And it’s no wonder: becoming an affiliate for ClickASnap is easy and relatively quick, and there are multiple ways you can do it. We’ll go through all of them in more detail in just a second. But before we do, let’s talk about why you want to become an affiliate for us.

What Is Required To Get Started?

Aside from an interest in photography, there isn’t much that is required to start using ClickASnap. The only major piece of information you’ll need before you get started is your niche. This niche will determine how much traffic you will get, which in turn determines how much money you can make. If you choose too general of a niche, there won’t be enough traffic for your site; if you choose too specific of a niche, there won’t be any left over to help out other affiliates with their sites.

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