Bedtime Meditation Before Sleep

Meditation is a practice that works in harmony with deep sleep. It works to give power to our mind and thoughts. It helps to release stress and connect with oneself. Meditation gives the mind the power to work in a positive way, which is directly related to happiness and by this your mind remains more calm and happy. Meditation is recommended to enhance your daily performance. You must do 10 minutes of meditation before sleeping at night to get deep and sound sleep regularly. Here are 5 ways to do simple meditation, let’s know it in detail.

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5 Bedtime Meditations before Sleep –

Conscious Breathing Meditation –

To do the Conscious Breathing Meditation or Consistant Breathing Meditation exercise, focus your attention on your breath. Keep your mind calm and stop the thoughts running in your mind. By doing this meditation exercise before sleeping at night, you will get better rest and your anxiety and stress will also end. Because of this you will get instant sleep at night.

Try doing this meditation exercise regularly for 10 minutes before going to bed for better sleep and relief from anxiety.

Inne Mantra Meditation –

Ine mantra meditation practice involves repeating a word many times that you do not know and which has no meaning or is meaningless. To do this meditation, before sleeping, sit comfortably and repeat a few syllables like take-le-le or mu-mu-mu for 10 minutes until your mind starts hearing new sounds.

The important thing in this meditation is that the language of the word you utter should not have any relation with you. That is, you should not even know the meaning of that word, nor should you have any memory of it in your mind. Whatever you have to pronounce in Inane Mantra Meditation will be a new language word. It should be something that has no meaning, that doesn’t let you remember anything, and that doesn’t even belong to you.

Body awareness meditation

In body awareness meditation or body awareness meditation, you think about your body. To do this, before sleeping, bring all your attention to your body. Breathe slowly, bring attention and focus on every single part of your body. Start from the head and gradually move towards the feet. In this time, focus and observe each part of your body and the sensations.

Feel your full body weight on the bed and do this until you fall asleep. If all your attention is lost, start again from the head to bring it back to your body and feel the sensations happening in every part of the body. Do it till you fall asleep now 10 minutes of this bedtime meditation will show you results very quickly.

Identify the obstacles in meditation

Breathe normally before going to sleep at night and try to leave your mind blank for 10 minutes. If any thoughts come to your mind repeatedly during this time, identify what they are, observe them and meditate without paying attention to them. You just need to recognize every single thought that is going on in your mind, need to notice those thoughts, but don’t pay attention to them, ignore all those thoughts.

The important thing in this meditation is to learn to identify the thoughts, worries, tensions that do not let you relax and gradually ignore them while you sleep. By doing this, your mind will be relaxed in no time and you will fall asleep in a while.

Guided meditation, how to fall asleep in 10 minutes –

If you have this question in your mind about how it can be done in 10 minutes then you should do the above-mentioned meditation for 10 minutes before sleeping. This will make you fall asleep easily. Practice all these meditations regularly before going to bed.

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